In a hotly contested oil and gas rights case, in which FBBC was engaged after the litigation began, FBBC filed a Second Amended Complaint alleging among nine causes of action that Defendants, including the original sellers of the property, had wrongfully recorded oil and gas leases on property owned by FBBC’s client. Defendants filed a Cross-complaint against Plaintiffs, alleging that Plaintiffs’ claimed interest in the property was legally improper based on the language of a deed from the original seller of the property.  FBBC then implemented its carefully designed strategic litigation strategy which included a reasoned discovery plan. As a result of that plan FBBC was able to terminate the litigation early and in its clients favor by filing and winning a Motion for Summary Judgment. Defendants, faced with the loss of the Summary Judgment and facing trial on the issue of damages claimed by FBBC’s client, the case was settled on terms favorable to FBBC’s client which included, the deeding of all mineral rights in the property to FBBC’s client.  Experts  in  the case valued this victory to be in excess of $1.0 Billion.