Individual victims of consumer overcharges, wage and hour abuses, or Ponzi schemes — to name a few — are often powerless to protect their interests on their own. The cost of litigation very often far outweighs the losses that an individual victim has suffered, and the process can be daunting and time-consuming.

Class action lawsuits hold significant power in their ability to bring together a collective — known as a class — to jointly bring a case against a common defendant. Class action cases unite victims, perhaps as few as forty (40) to as many as 5 million or more, who may have been damaged month after month by issues such as wage disputes with employers, medical device malfunctions, privacy breaches, or Ponzi schemes, among others. By joining together, these victims can pool their resources and knowledge in order to level the playing field against a large corporation or other powerful entity.

What makes class action lawsuits so impactful is their ability to address widespread injustices and hold powerful entities accountable. Through the consolidation of numerous claims, the courts can streamline the judicial process and deliver swift resolution to victims. FBBC has a long history of successfully representing and protecting consumers, employees, and Ponzi scheme victims and has recovered as much as $332 million for a single group of consumers.

Frustration, fear, and cost can immobilize an individual victim. With FBBC, the victim takes control. We listen attentively, analyze thoroughly, and develop strategies that align with your objectives, ensuring transparent communication and guidance throughout the legal process. The firm’s experienced attorneys handle all aspects of the case, from filing the lawsuit to negotiating a settlement. You will not have to worry about the cost of litigation or the stress of dealing with the legal system.

Select Representative Cases

Lozano v AT&T Wireless Services, Inc. and Stern v. Gambello

(United States District Court, Central District of California)

AT&T agrees to pay up to $80,981,548 customers nationwide for billing practices claimed to be improper.

After eight and a half years of hard-fought litigation, punctuated by careful analysis and strategy by FBBC, AT&T agreed to settle two related cases filed in the United States District Court, Central District of California. The Court approved both class action settlements, Paul Lozano v. AT&T Wireless and Heather Stern v. AT&T Mobility, requiring AT&T Wireless to pay benefits to the class members up to approximately $80,981,548. This nationwide class had been filed to recover monies the class contended had been improperly charged under certain AT&T billing practices.

Moore, et al. v. CELLCO Partnership, et al.

(United States District Court, District of New Jersey)

Judge Approves National Class Action Settlement Against Verizon Wireless Totaling Over $55 Million

A New Jersey federal judge approved a $55 million settlement of a class-action lawsuit alleging that Verizon Wireless overcharged customers for data. The settlement resolved 31 cases filed in multiple jurisdictions across the country. Foley Bezek Behle & Curtis was appointed lead class counsel.

In approving the settlement, the Judge noted, “It was the vigorous efforts of the Foley firm that led to the proposed settlement.” The Judge stated that “lead counsel negotiated a sizeable settlement within a reasonable amount of time since the start of the litigation. Because of those timely efforts, the class will benefit more,” and that FBBC was “skilled and experienced in litigating these types of class action cases.” The case, at its core, was a consumer class action for violations of federal and state law in which plaintiffs alleged that defendant Verizon Wireless erroneously and/or improperly billed data charges to customers who subscribed to certain data plans. In each case, the plaintiffs allege that Verizon Wireless billed them for data services (generally in increments of $1.99) that they never authorized or received.

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