At FBBC, our attorneys don’t just claim success — we relentlessly secure what wildfire victims rightfully deserve. We understand the essential steps needed to aid communities in the recovery process post-wildfire. Our team led the charge as the first to hold Southern California Edison accountable for negligence and aggressively pursue compensation for rebuilding clients’ homes and businesses lost in the Thomas Fire and Montecito Mudslide. This wasn’t just another case for our lawyers; it was a deeply personal commitment to ensuring justice for those affected.

Navigating the complexities of wildfire cases requires addressing multiple stakeholders, such as individuals, businesses, government entities, and insurance companies. Wildfire litigation spans various facets, including:

  • Class action lawsuits
  • Government liability
  • Personal injury claims
  • Environmental claims
  • Property damange
  • Wrongful death lawsuits
  • Insurance disputes
  • Utility company liability

Wildfire litigation is a complicated process that demands investigation, expert testimony, scientific analysis, and a profound grasp of various types of damages and property law. Our attorneys, well-versed in these areas, collaborate with leading expert witnesses in the field. We commit ourselves to ascertain liability, define damages, and offer restitution and recovery to affected parties, all while addressing the broader impact of wildfires on communities and the environment.

Individuals or property owners impacted by wildfires can initiate claims for damages to their homes, businesses, or personal property resulting from the fire. In tragic cases where individuals suffer injuries or lose their lives due to wildfires, their families or survivors may pursue legal action against responsible parties, seeking compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and wrongful death. These cases face staunch opposition by government agencies and other defendants. FBBC is ready to fiercely litigate these matters, ensuring an unwavering and tenacious pursuit of justice on behalf of our clients.

Current Wildfire Cases

Woosley Fire

November 2018 - Los Angeles County, California

FBBC serves as the court-appointed Executive Committee for approximately 10,000 individual plaintiffs suing Southern California Edison Company in the Woolsey Fire Cases. The Woolsey Fire destroyed 1,643 structures and killed 3 people. FBBC helped recover over $429,000,000 to date for its Woolsey Fire clients who were victims of that tragedy.

Thomas Fire

December 2020 - Ventura County and Santa Barbara Country, California

FBB&C served on the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee in the Thomas Fire and Debris Flow Cases, where they represent approximately 700 victims and survivors of the 2017 Thomas Fire and Montecito Debris Flow. The Thomas Fire destroyed 1,463 structures, and the resulting debris flow killed 23 people and damaged approximately 400 homes. FBBC helped recover over $290,000,000 for its Thomas Fire and Montecito Mudslide clients who were victims of those tragedies. For more information, please refer to our webpage for Montecito Mudslides Victims or watch our informational video.

Bobcat Fire

September 2020 - Los Angeles County, California

The Bobcat Fire Cases involved one of the largest fires in Los Angeles County history. The Bobcat Fire burned nearly 116,000 acres and destroyed 87 homes, 83 structures, and 178 vehicles.

Holiday Farm Fire

September 2020 - Lane County, Oregon

The 2020 Holiday Farm Fire ranks among the largest wildfires in Oregon history. The fire burned 173,393 acres centered on the McKenzie River Valley in Lane County. FBB&C represents hundreds of victims and survivors against Eugene Water & Electric Board, Lane Electric Cooperative, and Bonneville Power Administration.

Santiam Fire

September 2020 - Marion County, Oregon

The August 2020 Santiam Fire in Oregon burned 402,274 acres and destroyed 1,568 structures. FBB&C represents approximately 50 victims and survivors against PacifiCorp, the largest grid operator in the western United States.

Mountain View Fire

November 2020 - Mono County, California

The 2020 Mountain View Fire occurred in Mono County, California, burning 20,385 acres and destroying 80 structures. FBB&C represents numerous Individual Plaintiffs in this case against Liberty Utilities Company.

Lahaina fire

August 2023 - Maui, Hawaii

FBBC acting with Pro Hac Vice permission granted by the Hawai’i State Court and in conjunction with the Hawai’i licensed firm of LippSmith, LLP filed the first lawsuit and first class action related to the Lahaina Fire (the “Maui Wildfire Lawsuit”). The Maui Wildfire Lawsuit seeks to hold Maui Electric Company, Limited; Hawaiian Electric Company, Incorporated; Hawaiian Electric Light Company, Incorporated; and Hawaiian Electric Industries responsible for the Lahaina Fire. We refer to these defendants as the (“MECO Defendants”). Nine days after the fire, our legal team asked the Court for an order that would require the MECO Defendants to preserve any evidence removed from the area where we believe the Lahaina Fire started (the Area of Origin). In response, the Court issued an Interim Discovery Order. That Interim Discovery Order requires the MECO Defendants (1) to preserve any evidence removed from the Area of Origin; (2) to provide our legal team with a written inventory of the evidence the MECO Defendants removed from the Area of Origin; and (3) to provide our legal team, experts, and investigators access to any removed evidence.

Since filing our initial complaint, our legal team has filed several amended complaints adding various other defendants including the County of Maui, various telecommunications companies, and several landowners who own land in or adjacent to Lahaina where the fire either ignited and rapidly spread. The current complaint seeks to hold these Defendants responsible for various claims including negligence, gross negligence, and private nuisance.


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